Search Engine Optimization

Empertek takes a pure organic approach to SEO, which allows long-term growth with the company’s brand.

Empertek works with specific industries to ensure the highest level of SEO knowledge. This allows us to create an incredible organic SEO product that steadily climbs.

Search Engine Optimization

Nearly 1 million Google searches happen every minute. That’s 60 million searches per hour, and nearly 1.5 billion per day. But how many of those searches lead people to your digital doorstep? Without a keen eye toward optimizing your website to please the big search engines (Google and Bing), you’re surely missing out on countless visitors, people who are looking for what you do, but who never know you exist because you’re buried in the 3rd page of search results.

Let us change your position in search results. Let us apply our custom SEO expertise to every scrap of content on your website & infusing it with a strategy that will (a) improve your ranking and (b) get you found.

The first step in establishing a digital presence is visibility through organic or paid search (PPC). When creating content, we have to consider two influential audiences, the “Google bots” and humans. We appease each by developing an extraordinary user experience and creating relevant content in tandem. That’s how we give the search engines exactly what they want.

Google is our focus since the bulk of all online traffic is generated by Google search (over 70% globally). Our analytical-driven developers are experts at optimizing your website for search visibility.

Visibility, Traffic & Conversions

On-Site SEO

Your site architecture is the foundation of your digital property. Search engines send “crawlers” to probe your site in order to index it properly.

Awaiting these robotic speed-readers is a jackpot of information that can now be displayed from the expansive Google library. Site architecture is a blueprint of user experience — the journey from clicks to how each page flows, and from call-to-action to achieving the desired outcome.

All of our campaigns — PPC (Pay-per-click) included — only launch after thorough research and strategic planning. If adequate return on investment is plausible, we move forward. PPC and SEO work hand-in-hand when part of a balanced digital strategy.

Clients with high-value keywords for products that are highly converting a competitive market are particularly good candidates for PPC. It’s also a great way to drive quick, short-term results for your business.

We are constantly monitoring and optimizing based on the digital landscape. Our consistent attention to the market allows us to seize new opportunities for clients as they arise, thus, seizing long-term success for you.

The Right Approach

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Monitoring and Analysis

Adjustments and Optimization


Adaptation to Algorithm Changes

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